7 days to try your saddle on !

When the buyer decides which saddle he intends to buy, it is imperative to have a trial period because the saddle may suit him but not his horse. This will have major impacts on the latter's performance. And it is also a good way to test the quality, robustness and stability of this accessory, once the couse started. Equitack offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy this advantage.

Testing period with equitack: how does it work?

The equitack upholstery wants to guarantee a total satisfaction for its customers that is why it has developed a test system for the products. It's simple, if the saddle does not fit the customer, equitack repays it in full. Each customer has 7 days of trial period to test the quality and stability of the saddle. From the day the person buys the saddle, she can carry out the various tests for a week to make sure that not only the article suits him, but also that the saddle is perfectly adapted to the morphology of his horse. In the event that this is not the case, he can return the product and be refunded at the latest within the next two working days. The purchase price of the saddle is refunded in full but the price of transport of the goods will not be refunded. Nearly $ 50 will be drawn from the customer's account.

Terms and conditions of the refund agreement

If the buyer is not satisfied with his purchase and wants to be reimbursed by equitack, there are certain conditions he must fulfill. The full terms of these terms and conditions can be found at But to sum up, the saddle that has been tested during the 7 days must be returned in the condition it was sold to the customer. For this, the company recommends to do the test within a normal time for a race. In case the customer is not satisfied and wants to be refunded, the saddle must be returned with his box. Care must be taken to avoid it being soiled or torn. And it is strictly forbidden to wash the padding of the saddle before making it because it is likely to be damaged with the wrong products. Equitack already has its own washing conditions.


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