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If you are looking for the saddle of your dreams, you can go first in our shop. We specialize in used saddles of appreciable and affordable quality. You have the choice between different types of saddles all in an irreproachable state whether it is famous or less famous brands, all our products have been the subject of a sorting, a test and a verification by experts Of the upholstery.

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We present several saddle ranges of second hand. The first range is made up solely of branded products. These are famous labels that are appreciable for their strength and resistance. Then you have the second range which is always made up of unknown brand but also and always of a quality and impeccable condition. Finally, there is the third range which is represented by stools, not necessarily famous but, which are very good products with guaranteed quality. All these equipments were worked and then rechecked by our specialists before being offered for sale. Besides, you can perform tests once you have set your option. In all cases, the comfort of these materials is assured with the security they provide. You have therefore the choice among all these equipments and accessories whatever your type of saddle or the type of activity that you plan to do.

A budget for stools

When you plan to buy a saddle, you must already have an idea of ​​the fare and prepare a budget for it. With this establishment you can be sure to find stools like used french saddles at an unbeatable price. However, determining the price of stools clearly depend on several things such as the category with the british, French, western, etc. You may not be a great connoisseur but do not be deceived when you find your accessory between our products. You just need a sum of a few hundred to one or two miles to find the saddle of your dream.


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