Equitack ! The best for you and your horse !

The choice of your saddle of riding is a moment important for your horse and you. Equitack, your on-line saddlery selected for you a complete range of riding saddles, discover it !

Mixed saddles

The mixed saddles are ideal for the practice of all the disciplines. You can work on the flat, jump. They are also made for the outside...

Jumping saddles

At Equitack, you find a complete series of saddles of jumping for any levels. Impeccable equipments of riding for the practice, in training, in competition, riding, or to equip your riding school and the riders whom you welcome.

Dressage saddles

This range of saddles of dressage is an major of the equipments of riding proposed by Equitack.

Saddles of cross

The saddle of cross presents the characteristic of being flat, with a long seat, mono flaps for more of " efficiency and safety". It is conceived for the outside.

Hiking saddles

The hiking saddle or the saddle of endurance, leather or synthetic, is completed for the practice of the equestrian excursion. A wide choice to accompany you and your frame throughout your escapades in any comfort!

At Equitack, you will find necessarily the best saddle for you and your horse. At Equitack, all saddles are used saddles but especially saddles of great French saddlers. The best currently on the market of riding equipment. When buying, you will need to consider various factors:

  • Your morphology. It will determine the size of the saddle. Of course, a child will not be the same size as an adult!
  • The morphology of the horse. The most important part of the horse when choosing the saddle is the withers, it is imperative that the opening of it is adapted with the withers of your horse. If your horse has a pronounced one, you will take a narrow opening and if its withers is melted in his shoulders, it will be better to take a wide opening.

Accessories of tack

We also propose you for your animal, accessories: straps, stirrups and of course saddle cloth, kits of saddle. for all the best ridind equipments, click here :


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