How to be sure that your horse is happy ?

Define a state of happiness to a horse is slightly complex in the sense that the level of communication is not as developed as that of cats or dogs. By cons, as this animal takes a nervous tension, level of happiness can be translated as functions recovery, livelihood, relationship and backup.

Living a life of horse

Like all living things, the food is the best alternative to find happiness. To gradually lower its nervous tension while removing nervous energy, the horse must ingest sixty kilos of grass per day which is equivalent to ten thousand shots jaw. During those twelve to fifteen hours a day of grouting, we can say that the horse is happy. Contrary to popular belief, the horse flourishes properly living his horse life rather than living according to human conditions. When the horse reaches a low level of what is called "relaxed field" can be described as happy. This results in locomotion between 4-10 kilometers a day, a good diet or the fact of regularly kicking jaw. To increase the level of happiness in a box would feel more safe horse being in contact with other horses.

Making his horse happy

To contribute to the happiness of his horse, it is clear that the point of power is essential. Apart from the fact that it is necessary to feed frequently in small amounts, it is necessary that these actions are carried out on a frequent basis. Food intended for it should be rich in fiber, since he loves chew up to 15 000 times a day to prevent boredom and stress. To make his shiny coat all day, brushing her hair regularly is the most clever way. For a horse box, a sense of security and protection is essential. For this, the box must be ventilated so that he can see what is happening around him. As the box must be directed so as to see the other horses. Since this is a social animal, he particularly appreciates community life. The fun should be part of everyday horse as saddles. For this it is necessary to vary the exercises over time.


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