Leather or synthetic saddle : what’s best for my horse?

Riding a horse can not be improvised! As with horse tack in general, the choice of a horse saddle must be precise and correspond perfectly to the morphology of the animal to avoid any discomfort or injury. Certainly, the rider buys his saddle according to his personal comfort and also for his aestheticism. But it is essential to take into account all the criteria related to the discipline practiced and especially to the well-being of the horse. For all your riding needs contact the site.

Leather saddle

A leather saddle will be above all a durable assurance of classic and elegant style. This natural material allows the rider to have a close and pleasant contact with his mount. It requires careful and regular maintenance. If you have an intensive practice of riding and you ride several horses a day we recommend this material which limits the warm-ups. The advantages of a leather saddle: natural and noble material, traditional and more aesthetic with a long life if the maintenance is regular. The disadvantages: regular maintenance is essential, the price is higher. The site offers a wide choice of leather saddles such as antares saddles, delgrange saddles and more.

Synthetic saddle

It's still the first argument that makes riders go to a synthetic saddle: they are much cheaper than leather saddles! Synthetic saddles have the advantage of being lighter (very practical for young riders and women) and easier to maintain (a damp sponge is enough). Their fast drying allows you to use them in all weather conditions. Opting for a synthetic model will allow you to have a comfortable and technical saddle at a reasonable price. The advantages of a synthetic saddle: lightweight material, easy maintenance, lower price than leather. The disadvantages: it can heat with friction, the service life is limited especially if it is used very regularly. The choice of the material is very personal because it very often depends on your activity, your means and your tastes.


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