Look after the horse and the jockey for high performances

Training a horse to perform at high levels takes tons of your time, effort, patience and resources. no matter the discipline, from racing to reining, endurance to eventing and hunters/jumpers to polo ponies, all horses actively during a training regimen for competition are considered to be performance horses with the jacuzzi bathtubs.

Working on Your Fitness

Horse and rider compete during a performance show In order for an athlete to perform at the very best levels he or she must continually maintain A level of fitness and work on enhancing his or her skills. Equine athletes are not any different than their human counterparts when it involves needing a uniform exercise and conditioning program. If you were getting to run a 10K or marathon this weekend you would not sit on the couch all week without stretching your legs on a couple of practice runs, an equivalent is true with horses. Horses cannot be left to "just be a horse" during the week then expected to perform at high levels on the weekend at their competitions.

No Hoof, No Horse

We have all heard our farrier say, "no hoof, no horse." This saying rings particularly true with performance horses as hooves have an immediate impact in how our equine athletes perform. Your farrier is one among the foremost important members of your horse's team. While you ought to leave the shoeing and shaping of your horse's hooves to him or her, there are some belongings you can do to form sure your horse has the simplest hooves possible year-round.

Getting a Leg abreast of the Competition

Woman and performance horse train within the ring Equine athletes, like human athletes exerting to perform their jobs. Whether your horse is an eventer, jumper, race horse or does barrel racing, tons of stress is placed on his legs. This stress can cause muscle soreness and inflammation within the legs. to assist combat these issues you ought to pay special attention to your horse's legs after strenuous work. Two ways to assist reduce inflammation and stop injury are through poulticing and icing your horse's legs.


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