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We can all agree that horses are among the most majestic creatures on earth (Second to unicorns). For this reason, they should be treated delicately. Part of this caring and delicate treatment consists of getting your horse the right gear which includes a fitting saddle. Being a horse owner, you are aware that horses come in different shapes so obviously, one saddle size doesn’t fit all we understand that shopping for trail saddles can be very exciting and at the same time very derailing because of how critical it is. You have to get one that not only suits your horse but also your needs as a rider. So, the big questions are, how do you get the right saddle for your horse? And were to get it at the best price? Two questions but one solution equitack the best website for horse saddles

Why do we follow you up?

Equitack will tackle every little detail on horse saddles especially on how to choose one that suits you. We put important factors like construction, design and the quality of material in the spotlight and tell you what’s important and what’s not. Also, you are aware that most saddles come with some extra accessories. We will be giving these accessories a look in the attempt to find those that will make your ride much more worthwhile. Buying a horse saddle is as important as buying a horse. You just have to get it right the first time


Riding horses is always a fun experience. You can ride these amazing animals for fun or sport. Whichever purpose you choose, you require a reliable saddle to help you stay on the horse and make your ride more comfortable Equitack is the solution and the best choice to pick .


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