Why buy an Antares saddle?

The choice of a saddle can become a real headache with all the models and brands that exist on the market. By cons, it is better to opt for the saddles of big brands and famous as Antares. In fact, the big brands offer various advantages so that riding is a real pleasure. The collection proposed by the brand is very diversified for all equestrian activities. Riders feel a real pleasure for jumping or hiking. However, the saddles may not adapt to the riders. But what to do to solve this problem? The most suitable is to opt for an Antares saddle.

Advantages of an Antares saddle?

The antares saddles have a great reputation for equestrian accessories. Moreover, the brand offers distinct saddles collections to meet the needs of each. Thus, the French saddler offers new saddles available in three collections. Among others, ready-to-wear, half-measure premium and custom. The size of a saddle is an essential element to take into account when making your choices. It is better to find the right size to allow to have good balance. The saddles are very suitable for endurance events thanks to their lightness. In addition, they allow to suspend at high cruise speeds. Moreover, it is very satisfying to be able to choose the color, according to the preference of the rider.

Specificities of Antares saddles?

Antares saddles are very popular with experts in the discipline. Riders who demand quality can count on custom-made saddles. The saddles are also offered with guarantees of up to 5 years and 2 years for leather. Thus, equipment is a safe investment. The seats are semi-hollow to be more stable on the horse's back. Neighborhoods can be regulated with multiple possibilities. In fact, the setting depends on the riding as well as the morphology of the rider. The panels are tailor-made for the horse to offer maximum protection due to pressure on his back.


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